Book 4

Trial and Tribulation

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It is 1943.

In the skies above war-torn Europe a savage battle continues as Allied bomber crews rain down fire and destruction on Hitler’s cities, and Luftwaffe fighters tear the bombers to pieces.

Faced with the destruction, Churchill asks,
“Are we barbarians?”

Breaking Point Series

About John

John Rhodes is the award winning author of the historically authentic Breaking Point series set in the World War II. He graduated from Cambridge University where he studied history. His focus on World War II stems from his earliest memories—he was born while his father was serving at an RAF Fighter Command airfield, and he grew up in London, where, he says, the shells of bombed-out buildings ‘served as our adventure playgrounds.’

John believes there is a difference between historical fiction, in which the reader is presented with imaginary fiction set in a factual context; and fantasy, in which the reader knows that what he/she is reading might be fascinating but cannot be true. He hopes his imaginary characters, as they interact with real historical characters and events, will help bring the past to life. He describes his work as ‘faction.’

John Rhodes

Praise for John’s Books

“The author’s skill lies in his ability to insert his fictional characters into a detailed and well researched historical narrative. Very highly recommended.”
—Lillington History Society
on A Slender Thread
“The saga continues. It is well written, packed with action and unexpected twists and turns. In short, it is a very good read, as we have come to expect from John Rhodes. ”
—Professor Les Bell
on A Slender Thread
“Great touch, Mr. Rhodes—your fellow authors could take a page from your writing handbook.”
—2021 Benjamin Franklin Awards—Judge’s Evaluation
on Infinite Stakes
“With considerable comedy amid the pathos, Infinite Stakes will find an audience with history buffs, fans of militaria and flying enthusiasts.”
—Ben Steelman, Star News
on Infinite Stakes
“Rhodes memorably portrays Europe’s terrifying crisis…. A gripping, emotionally bracing account of a critical moment in history.”
Kirkus Reviews 
on Breaking Point
“If you like historical fiction, or stories of women’s successes, read this book. I highly recommend both this book and the writing of this author, John Rhodes.”
—Authors on the Air Review Crew
on Breaking Point
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