Month: June 2020


The triumphant Germans captured Paris on June 13th and accepted the formal surrender of France on June 25th. In the meantime, Mussolini’s Italy entered the war on June 10th, started bombing the island of Malta on June 11th, and invaded southern France on June 21st....

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The German advance through France, Holland, and Belgium, proved to be unstoppable. The last part of Holland to be overrun surrendered on May 18th, just eight days after the German invasion, Fall Gelb, or Case Yellow, began. The British gave up attempting to save...

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The Third Reich Advances

In May, 1940, the Germans advanced rapidly through Holland, Belgium, and France, using a combination of swift Panzer attacks on the ground and deadly Stuka bombing raids from the air. The combined armed forces of Holland, France, and Belgium, supported by the...

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