Month: October 2020

Reflections on the Battle of Britain

Reflections on the Battle of Britain and our debt to the ‘few’ “The odds were great; our margins small; the stakes infinite.” —Churchill Forgive this longer post, but there is much to say and our debt is great. The Battle of Britain is one of the most remarkable...

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Descent into Terrorism

As October 1940 progresses the Battle of Britain seems to be descending into mindless violence. It is obvious that the Luftwaffe cannot defeat Fighter Command in daylight, but it continues to try to do so whenever the weather and Goring’s shifting moods permit. This...

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Why remember history?

When I was growing up we lived a long way from the nearest park, but it didn’t really matter because we lived very close to a row of bombed buildings. This was our playground: just a little bit different from where my grandchildren play nowadays, but the same concept....

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