Month: February 2022

Westland Whirlwind

This is the second of three blogs devoted to aircraft that were not as successful as some of their contemporaries, but which fought to the limit of their abilities and deserve honorable mentions in the annals of aviation history. This time it’s the Westland Whirlwind,...

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Bolton Paul Defiant

History tends to focus on winners and pass over the also-rans. Histories of military aviation in World War II tend to favor the Spitfires and the P51s, the B17s and the Lancasters, while other aircraft that, for a multitude of reasons, did not quite achieve the same...

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February 6th, 1952

I remember being in school 70 years ago on February 6th, 1952, at Gordonbrock School near Ladywell in South London. We were called to assembly and told that King George VI had died and that Princess Elizabeth was now Queen. We knelt on the floor and said a prayer for...

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