Month: May 2023

Unsung Heroes

My new book, Trial and Tribulation, is set in the Allied aerial campaign over Europe in 1943. This campaign, a joint commitment of the RAF and the USAAF, was a massive undertaking involving tens of thousands of men, thousands of aircraft, and one of the greatest...

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Trial and Tribulation: Mosquito

An aircraft for all seasons One of the main characters in my new novel, Trial and Tribulation, is the De Havilland Mosquito. Unlike most of the other characters in the book, the Mosquito was—and is—very real. One of the most interesting aspects of technology, I think,...

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Trial and Tribulation: Charlie

This is Remy Martin (above), a Bouvier des Flandres. In real life Rem is a good ole boy with a weakness for well-ripened brie and a willingness to meet a good pinot noir halfway. He is the model for the character ‘Charlie’ who has now appeared in three of my books and...

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