A Slender Thread — The Saga Continues

Oct 22, 2021 | Book News, World War II

The third book in the Breaking Point series, A Slender Thread, was delivered to the publishers last week and should be available early next year. The main characters—the intrepid, multifaceted Johnnie Shaux; his brilliant, multidimensional wife Eleanor, and their devoted, polygonal dog Charlie—all return.

This will be an action-packed, pulsating page-turner racing at breakneck pace from battle to battle, soaring to the heights of human endeavor and plunging into the depths of despair (I love writing promotional copy.)
The climax of the story, when Charlie takes over the controls of a bullet-riddled Lancaster bomber from an unconscious Johnnie and lands it safely, even though three of its Merlin engines are on fire and an unexploded 4,000 lb. ‘cookie’ bomb is dangling from its open bomb bay, must be read to be believed.


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