Profiles in Courage

Triple Team

P38 Lightning, P47 Thunderbolt, P51 MustangIn my last two blogs I discussed the B17 Flying Fortress and the B24 Liberator, the two USAAF heavy bombers that carried much of the load in the Allied European daylight bombing campaigns, and the extraordinary courage and...

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B 24 Liberator

The Consolidated B24 Liberator suffers from the same ‘second class billing’ as the Hawker Hurricane. Just as the RAF’s Hurricane fighter is seen as somehow less important in the Battle of Britain in comparison to the iconic Spitfire, the Liberator is seen as ‘second...

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Boeing B 17 Flying Fortress

I am now engaged in the next episode in the Breaking Point series, which is set in 1943 amid the Allied bombing campaigns against Germany, in which the US Eighth Air Force flew B17s and B24s against Germany by day, and RAF Bomber Command flew Lancasters and Halifaxes...

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