England is at the Breaking Point

World War II is one year old today, and England is at the Breaking Point WWII began on September 3rd, 1939. Hitler’s Germany had invaded Poland on September 1st, and Britain and France had given him an ultimatum to reverse course. Hitler did not, and war was declared....

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First came Kanalkampf

First came Kanalkampf, the Fight for the Channel, soon it will be Adlerangriff, Operation Eagle, the plan to destroy 11 Group Following up on Fuhrer Directive 16, Hitler approved Fuhrer Directive 17 on August 1st, 1940, 80 years ago. This directive authorized...

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The Die is Cast

Führer Directive 16, July 16th, 1940Hitler launches Unternehmen SeelöweOperation Sea LionOn July 16th, 1940, 80 years ago, given the obdurate Mr. Churchill’s unwillingness to surrender without a fight, Adolf Hitler signed Führer Directive # 16, commanding preparations...

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